The Atora 5.0 litre V-8 engine takes the performance to amazing levels. With a long background of designing record setting Hypercar engines- the Atora engine takes the best of everything and delivers instant throttle response, extreme power/ torque and an insane engine sound.

Atora 5.0 l Twin Turbo

There is 2 power packages available:

  • HYPER, 1050 hp Twin Turbo
  • MEGA, 1350 hp Twin Turbo

Smooth power delivery and extreme power, twin turbo with 1050 hp

HYPER, bespoke intake and fuel system, turbochargers with CNC´d compressor wheel and low inertia turbine wheel, reinforced engine internals are the base for this amazing HYPER power plant that provides an instant power delivery.

The ONE, insane power with racy flat-crank sound, twin turbo with more than 1350 hp

MEGA, based on the latest hypercar technologies- this top of the line power package has it all. Special cylinder heads, exotic pistons and connecting rods, a super lightweight flat plane crankshaft- and much more.

With E85 fuel this monster package delivers more than 1350 hp or One MEGA Watt

Atora intake for expansion wave dynamics and triple fuel injector setup


The best open secret for turbo engines- an intake that is tuned to reduce volumetric efficiency!

In a turbo engine the intake temperature is your enemy for high power outputs and everything needs to be made to reduce it. Good turbocharger matching, efficient intercooler, fuel with high heat of vaporization but also a good intake design is vital to reduce the charge temperature. By having the correct intake length, an expansion wave is timed at the intake valve closing. That is the opposite compared to a NA engine where a compression wave is preferred.

This will reduce in-cylinder pressure and reduce volumetric efficiency but most importantly it will also reduce the in-cylinder temperature and acts like an extra intercooler. To compensate the in-cylinder pressure loss the wastegate opening pressure is increased.

The end result is an engine that can deliver more power and has a safer margin to engine knocking. This has been utilized some time now but even today it is not a common knowledge!

Atora takes this feature one step ahead with the triple injector setup. The shower injector is used to altering the intake temperature and therefore the wave dynamics. This widens the operating range where the expansion wave dynamics can be used.

Clear intake manifold lid

The intake manifold volume is minimized to reduce the pumping losses and improve fuel efficiency at low load. One cool feature on the Atora engine is the backlit clear manifold lid with visible fuel rail and intake details.


The Atora V8 engine sound is transformed with the flatplane crankshaft, giving the distinctive smooth and racy sound. The main benefits with the flatplane crankshaft compared to a crossplane crankshaft are increased power, improved efficiency and reduced rotating inertia. The flatplane crankshaft gives an even cylinder bank firing which avoids the exhaust pulses to cross breath into other cylinders. This reduces the in-cylinder EGR and the engine can be run with higher efficiency.

The extra vibration from the flatplane crankshaft is minimized by appropriate design of connecting rods and pistons. The result is smooth running and a direct sensation due to the fully stressed engine.

World´s lightest full size V8 crankshaft at 12.3 kg


Maybe the most critical engine component to get right due to the extreme working conditions in any high performance engine. The Atora pistons starts with an advanced forging that is chosen to work with the right underside 3D milling and oil jet cooling. The piston top gets a thermal barrier coating to handle the extreme temperatures. The ring land with its accumulator grooves is electroless nickel plated and the skirt is coated with a dry-film lubrication. The result is a super strong and lightweight piston with the needed durability.

Connecting Rods

The lightweight connecting rod design starts with topology optimization to get the right material distribution for maximum strength and durability. With the flatplane crankshaft it is vital to reduce the oscillating weight and extensive FEA is used to finalize an optimized design for Atora.

Atora connecting rods