Atora Automotive brings to life a clean-sheet vision of a new driver focused Supercar- for the ultimate driving experience


The Atora 5.0 litre V-8 engine takes the performance to amazing levels. With a long background of designing record setting Hypercar engines- the Atora engine takes the best of everything and delivers instant throttle response, extreme power/ torque and an insane engine sound.

Atora 5.0 l Twin Turbo

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The Atora features state-of-the-art aerodynamics with extreme focus on high downforce. Every single body surface is designed for ultimate aero performance.

By careful design of the whole car and its components it has been possible to combine ultra high downforce with low drag. Extensive aero simulation with CFD has verified Atora´s body design.

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“It is a fantastic opportunity and a dream come thru- to start a new car design from scratch with the goal of creating the ultimate driving experience” Dr. Thomas Johansson

After more than a decade of designing Hypercars it is time to use that knowledge and experience to create a new Supercar- a driver focused car without any compromises.

Atora aluminium monocoque, the Rapid Production ChassisTM, RPC
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The cockpit provide a driver oriented cabin in an exclusive environment where leather, carbon fiber and aluminium is tastefully mixed.

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