The Atora features state-of-the-art aerodynamics with extreme focus on high downforce. Every single body surface is designed for ultimate aero performance.

By careful design of the whole car and its components it has been possible to combine ultra high downforce with low drag. Extensive aero simulation with CFD has verified Atora´s body design.

Atora CFD result- body pressure

The front splitter generates a large portion of the car’s downforce. The raised central section reduces the car´s pitch sensitivity and at the same time feeds air to the large rear diffuser. The diffusers on the front splitter works together with the front wing to increase downforce.

The vertical vane behind the front wheel helps to evacuate out the wheel wake but most importantly improves the inside airflow and increases the front splitter/wing efficiency.

Atora CFD result

The rear diffuser has a large lateral and vertical expansion ratio which is possible to some extent by the suspension design at the rear which has a raised lower wishbone position. The smooth underfloor works in conjunction with multiple vortex generators to seal off the low-pressure regions.

The adjustable rear wing is set to balance the aero load distribution.

Overall, the drag is minimized by careful cross-sectional area variation and reduction of the rear wake with the high thru-flow design. The resulting downforce is more than 1350 kg @ 250 km/h.