Atora Automotive is the new company of founder Dr. Thomas Johansson with the goal of creating the ultimate in driving experience at a reasonable cost.

Thomas main expertise lays in the powertrain and especially in combustion engines. He has always relied heavily on Computer Aided Engineering or CAE tools like Topology Optimization, FEA, 1D and 3D CFD, MBS etc. all with great success and resulting in numerous world records. But then also realizing that if one can design and optimize an engine, one can design and optimize pretty much anything. This led Thomas to creating other parts like carbon fiber rims, brake calipers, uprights, suspension parts, aerodynamic upgrades, chassis, 3D printed parts in Inconel, Titanium and Aluminium.

After more than a decade of pushing the boundaries by innovating and designing. From Formula Student to the latest Hypercars- the Atora takes all that experience into a new clean sheet vision of a Supercar. A vision that combines the ultimate track car that still is comfortable on the road by having good creature comfort.

The goal is to provide Hypercar performance and design solutions to the sports car enthusiast, with a high focus on driving engagement and outright performance- all this at a reasonable price.